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if you can watch this entire video straight through you have the most iron fucking will on the actual planet, in the actual universe. you have gigantic balls of steel. i would not fuck with you. you could come in my house and slap my mom and take my cats and i would just let you. if you can watch all of this you scare the shit out of me

I made it to the end.

and by “the end” I mean the end of my life because I’m going to kill myself now goodbye forever

If anyone made something like this for me, I’d probably want to break up immediately. IT BURRRRRRNS US


So this image just started circulating again today and some of the commentary is priceless. 

For some reason, the moment I saw the drawing, all I could think was “YOU WRECKED MEEEEEEEE”

….. I have a problem :T




How the heck do I read this thing?
 #thorin #cosplay #thehobbit #desolationofsmaug #laketown #coastcon #lostagain

Turn the map over uncle. Its probably upside down!!

Oh - ah yes….. Wait…. EAST IS THAT WAY?!

Psh… And I’M the air-headed one >_>




How the heck do I read this thing?

#thorin #cosplay #thehobbit #desolationofsmaug #laketown #coastcon #lostagain

Turn the map over uncle. Its probably upside down!!

Oh - ah yes….. Wait…. EAST IS THAT WAY?!

Psh… And I’M the air-headed one >_>

Micro Aggressions in the workplace


So, I work in customer service. I am a carhop, and deal with hundreds of people on a regular basis.

And it’s made me realize just how strong racism is.

I’m Hispanic. But I’ve lived in the US my whole life. My mom is Hispanic. So is her family. We’re just a couple of loud Puerto Ricans. I never thought much of it.

Until I started working.

The first time it happened was only my first week of work. As I brought the food to the car, the customer gave me an odd look. And after I said the word “Jalapenos”, the cut me off from reading their order to ask “Where I’m from”. After I said that I was from a local town near where I work, They looked at me incredulously and asked “How long have you been here?”. I was confused, seeing as I’ve lived here for as long as I’ve been alive.

When I told them that I’ve been here my whole life, they looked at me as if I were lying about my green card. I didn’t think much of it, but it kept happening over and over again. I would get singled out from my coworkers, just because I look different.

I’ve gotten used to it, and that’s what bothers me. That I have to get used to something that shouldn’t happen. 

I’ve worked there for almost a year now, and I’ve had people demand that I speak Spanish to them, even tho I speak VERY little Spanish. I’ve had my place of origin questioned so often that I’ve lost track. So here’s a handy little tip.

I’m not Cuban, Dominican, Mexican, Chilean, Brazilian, Peruvian or any other Southern American country. And I’m definitely not British, no matter how much BBC I watch. (Seriously. At least three people thought I was British.)

Just because my skin is slightly more tan than most, and I’m not blonde-haired and blue-eyed doesn’t mean that I’m an immigrant.

I can literally be standing next to my sister, who looks more like my Caucasian father, and have someone walk straight up to me, ask where I’m from, and not bat an eye at my sister.

Here’s a handy guide to interacting with Non-White people:


Don’t treat me like someone that just sneaked over the border JUST to take your order. Don’t ask how many siblings I have, just because you think it’s funny.

Make no mistake, I don’t mind if it’s someone just genuinely curious as to where I’m from, I’ll gladly tell them. But if they’re being a condescending douchecanoe that believes that every slightly tan person is one wrong move away from being deported, than I reserve the right to refuse service, and possibly punch you the crotch. 

I’ll use my grandma’s chancla to beat some sense into you if I have to.


Forgot that I can post stuff

Er… Hi. I don’t really have anything interesting to say. Just felt like I needed to say something.

Carry on.






I asked about 30 minutes ago and Im surprised people actually responded.

Let’s keep this going.

You don’t have to add revealing details.

I’ll start. Im Jess and I work in digital marketing…

I’m Dee and I work as a rollerblading carhop.

Wow I’m boring .-.



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Welcome to Tumblr.

Holy shit this is the most accurate post I have ever seen in my life

wait…this is a completely different gif set on my blog…

Reblog this and then check it on your Tumblr. Go on, do it.


What? How? O_O


holy shit I’m trying this


All in  the day of a Hobbit cosplayer at Ren Fair

My cosplay group and I. I’m the Kili :D

Also I can vouch


The Sup Thong is totes legit.

And looks good in use.

And now I’m picturing Sup Guy in a thong .-.